Chiropractic Care & Your Child's Central Nervous System

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Child to the Chiropractor

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Child to the Chiropractor


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When the body is out of alignment, the central nervous system cannot function properly. Considering that the central nervous system controls the immune system, it’s vitally important to stay aligned if you want to prevent sickness and disease. This is especially true for children. The immune system of an infant is particularly fragile, and that’s why chiropractic care is a great choice for parents looking to strengthen their child’s ability to fight off illness.

At Hart Family Chiropractic, we have extensive experience adjusting infants as young as two days old. Here are five reasons why parent’s bring their children in to the office:

“Motor activity-especially development of the postural muscles-is the baseline function of brain activity. Anything affecting postural muscles will consequently influence brain development. If you improve either the movement or the cognitive ability, you will improve the opposite. Musculoskeletal imbalance will create imbalance of brain activity, and one part of the brain will develop faster than the other.”

-Robert Melillo, DC, DABCN, whose multidisciplinary clinic specializes in treatment of neurological disorders

1. Brain Growth. A young child’s brain develops based on the balance in their body.  If the body is not properly aligned, the brain may not develop evenly. In the 1990’s it was discovered that the brain has plasticity, meaning it is not static. Many neurological experts have linked everything from behavioral issues to lifelong diagnoses like ADHD to imbalanced brain development

2.Breastfeeding. Research shows that breast-feeding is the best way for an infant to eat for the first six months of its life.  As babies, the risk associated with not being breast fed spans from ear infections and intestinal problems to respiratory problems, allergies, and dental issues. When those babies reach adulthood, there is increased potential and risk of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diabetes/obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

If your child is having issues breastfeeding, it may be the result of an alignment issue. For a baby to successfully nurse the entire neuromuscular system must be in tact. An infant with spinal misalignment can experience problems latching onto the breast, or it may also cause a baby to be especially fussy during feeding.


Adjustments Help

In a study of 114 infants, 78% were able to breast feed after 2-5 adjustments**

3.Digestive Health. The nervous system dictates how the organs that break down our food work. Adults and children alike are prone to lumbar and atlas misalignments. And as it happens, this is where the main nerves affecting digestion are. Digestion issues that seem major and incurable according to your general practitioner or pediatrician will likely subside with chiropractic care and adjustments. Every parent wants their child to grow healthfully by properly breaking down and absorbing nutrients and avoiding the painful side-effects of digestive issues. Both of these goals can be accomplished with chiropractic care.

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.00000639% risk associated with neck adjustment***

.00001% risk associated with back adjustment

Stop the sniffles for your child this spring with chiropractic care

4.Allergies and Asthma.  There is nothing worse than watching your child struggle to breathe and nothing more saddening than seeing your child wheeze and sneeze his or her way through otherwise enjoyable childhood pastimes like playing outside in the yard. Chiropractic care is a simple method for curing allergies.

Allergies and asthma are closely linked and are usually created when the body treats a foreign stimulant as a threat, when in actuality, it’s not a threat at all. When this happens. the body produces a specific immunoglobulin, which in turn causes the body to release histamine. The histamine is what causes the sniffles, coughs, and restricted breathing.

If your spinal column is misaligned, it can not only cause the symptoms that feel like an allergic reaction, but it can also lead your body to produce the unnecessary immunoglobulin that leads to histamine release.

5.General illnesses and ailments such as common colds and earaches.  I decided to become a chiropractor because of severe ear issues that were extremely detrimental in my own childhood.  I went to several doctors who were unable to find a solution. Finally, my dad decided to take me to a chiropractor. The pain relief was instant, and I immediately knew that chiropractic care would be a part of my life forever.

Chiropractic is so good for childhood health and wellness because of its effect on the nervous system. Anything disrupting the nervous system will inevitably affect immune system function, and that’s what makes a child susceptible to illness. Chiropractors seek out obstructions to the nervous system so that the immune system and all of the other “systems” of the body can function as designed.

Ear Infection Stats0%

35% of Pediatrician visits are due to ear infections***

Chiropractic Cures0%

80% of children between 27 days and 5 years of age experienced an end to chronic ear infections after chiropractic treatments***

**Miller JE, Miller L, Sulesund AK, Yevtushenko A. 2009. “Contribution of chiropractic therapy to resolving suboptimal breastfeeding: a case series of 114 infants.” J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 32(8):670-4. doi: 10.1016/j. jmpt.2009.08.023.



Darren Hart

Dr. Darren R. Hart was born and raised in Atascadero and received his education at Atascadero High School, Cal Poly, and Palmer College of Chiropractic. He was inspired to become a chiropractor after a life-saving chiropractic adjustment as a young child. He has been practicing in Atascadero for nearly 20 years. Through his gentle healing touch, Dr. Hart enjoys giving back to others what chiropractic gave to him.