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Chiropractic Atascadero CA Mental Health

It’s no secret that America is over-medicated. Many americans are entirely too reliant on traditional health care approaches to “fix” health problems rather than modifying behaviors to promote good health and prevent chronic illness and disease. The treatment of mental health issues in this country is a classic example of traditional medical doctors over-prescribing questionable medications for a problems that chiropractic has been shown to effectively address.

Our Atascadero chiropractor often see patients suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, ADD, ADHD, and autism. We provide care for these patients because such “disorders” are the result of a dysfunctioning nervous system. Because chiropractors seek out the obstructions in the human nervous system and free the blockages to increased energy flow, we are well-suited to care for those suffering from these mental “disorders.”

More than Just the Mind

Mental health disorders plague not only the mind, but the physical body as well. They can ignite many body related discomforts, ailments, and issues and have been shown to be related to ailments in the back, legs, neck, and joints.

We have seen patients come to the office after experiencing prolonged or chronic pain who have become depressed and irritable, or who medicate themselves to the point of decreasing their social and physical activity. These patients may experience a lowered pain threshold, have problems sleeping, and generally experience a low quality of life. Hart Family Chiropractic is here to offer your body relief, thus helping you to manage your life challenges.

The Chiropractic Approach to Mental Health

Emotional and psychological health are controlled through the nervous system, and thus directly affected by chiropractic. A chiropractic approach to mental health is effective because it is focused on the nervous system and energy flow throughout the body. A healthy spine and nervous system keep your flow of energy balanced and your mind-body connection strong and healthy. An unhealthy, unbalanced spine can interfere with the natural flow of energy through your body, creating blockages and imbalances that can cause physical and mental ailments.

When a chiropractor corrects a mechanical distortion in your body with a chiropractic spinal adjustment, nerve system energy is normalized. In effect, chiropractic care heals the connection between your physical body and your energy body so that they can communicate better with one another and restore harmony to your “body-mind”. This harmony is essential to mental health.

All your body systems run on energy and, when properly working, give you an abundance of the energy and life with which you are naturally endowed. There is energy within you all the time. Unfortunately, it can get blocked, unbalanced and congested. If you are fatigued, bored, tired, depressed or suffering some other mental “disorder” that traditional doctors would otherwise medicate you for, investigate the natural health approach of chiropractic.

At Hart Family Chiropractic, we believe that the human body does not require prescription medications to treat its ailments. With chiropractic care combined with exercise and good nutrition, your body can function exactly as it was designed to do. Call our team today to see how chiropractic can help you.

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