Healing Chiropractic Care

Sure, it would be great if you could stop every injury or ailment before it popped up in your life and became too big to manage. But accidents and injuries happen, and when they do, Hart Family Chiropractic is here with natural, drug-free, and non-invasive chiropractic healing aimed to address the root cause of your injury and get you back on your feet.

  • Back and Neck Pain

    Chiropractic is an effective non-surgical care option for many types of back and neck pain and aims to increase function and decrease pain and nerve irritability.

  • Accident Injuries

    The aches and pains felt after a car accident are a sign that the spine has been damaged. Visit us to ensure the spinal damage is cared for and heals correctly.

  • Sports Injuries

    Whether you are a top athlete or a weekend warrior, chiropractic is an effective approach to caring for sports injuries and a proven performance booster.

  • Custom Orthotics

    Custom-fit orthotics are a great compliment to chiropractic care of hip, knee, foot, and ankle injuries. Don't settle for an over-the-counter orthotic and see your chiropractor today.

  • Work Injuries

    Is a work related injury limiting your ability to lead an active life? Work injuries can happen to any employee at any job. Chiropractic care can help.

Back and Neck Pain

Chiropractic Care for Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain


The back is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. Each component is vitally important to your overall health and mobility, so anything from a sprained ligament, strained muscle, ruptured disk, or irritated joint can generate extreme discomfort.


The doctors at Hart Family Chiropractic are committed to dealing with the cause of your back pain and not just the symptoms. We do it with a drug-free, non-surgical approach that has proven effective in caring for back pain of all kinds.

Back Pain Information

Neck Pain


Your neck (or cervical spine) begins at the base of your skull and contains seven vertebrae. Considering that it supports the full weight of your head, a lot depends on the health of those seven tiny neck bones!


That the neck is highly susceptible to injury is largely a function of biomechanics. Activities and events that affect cervical biomechanics include extended sitting, repetitive movement, accidents, falls and blows to the body or head, normal aging, and everyday wear and tear. Whatever the cause of your neck pain, chiropractic care can help.

Neck Pain Statistics

Interested in how chiropractic care can help your neck and back pain? Check out our About Chiropractic page for more information.

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Accident Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Accident Injuries

Whether you’ve been in a high-speed auto accident or a fender bender on the streets of Atascadero, auto accidents put an incredible amount of stress on the body and spine. Head and neck conditions are the most common type of accident injury, but damage to ligaments and other soft tissues is common as well.


It’s important to understand that auto injuries often involve a delayed onset of symptoms which commonly surface weeks and even months post-accident. That’s why it is highly recommended that you visit a chiropractor as soon as possible after a crash. The sooner we can identify underlying (or not so underlying) injuries, the better off you will be.

Neck Pain Infographic

Hart Family Chiropractic offers chiropractic care to major and minor car accident patients regularly, and we fully evaluate and care for each patient to ensure that small injuries today don’t become bigger injuries down the road.

Interested in how chiropractic can help accident injuries? Check out our About Chiropractic page for more information.

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Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries

Chiropractors are ideally suited to help you deal with the many pains and strains resulting from playing sports and pursuing physical fitness programs. Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, our goal is to reduce your pain while equipping your body to make a complete recovery on its own.


People often ask how a chiropractor can help hurting athletes, considering that spinal injuries constitute only a small percentage of sports injuries. The reason a chiropractic approach to sports injuries is effective (and utilized by professional athletes the world over) is that chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts.


Balance is key to caring for and preventing sports injuries, and the doctors at Hart Family Chiropractic are trained in aligning and balancing the spine as well as releasing muscle tension, which can lead to muscle injury. Making sure your frame is functioning properly will take pressure off of the nerves exiting out of the spinal column. We’ll also check for biomechanical and muscle imbalances as a routine part of caring for your athletic injury.

Most injuries require chiropractic care. It works better for me than anything else.


-Jerry Rice

I’ve been going to a chiropractor for as long as I can remember. It is as important to my training as the practice of my swing.


-Tiger Woods

Interested in the techniques the doctors at Hart Family Chiropractic use to get athletes back in the game? Check out our About Chiropractic page for more information.

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Work Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries

81266713-work-injuryEvery year, an estimated 3 million Americans suffer workplace injuries. These injuries can be caused by overexertion, repetitive motion (such as typing), or a traumatic workplace accident. Whether you work on a construction site, in a warehouse, in an office, or anywhere else, the duties you perform at work can lead to a variety of injuries that can damage joints and soft tissue, lead to back pain, neck pain, or pain in other parts of the body.


If you’ve been injured at work, you’re likely all too familiar with workers’ compensation laws. But did you know that a variety of compelling workers’ compensation studies have emphasized the benefits of chiropractic care for those injured in the workplace?


If you have a work injury, chances are you’re trying to find a way to get back on the job as soon as possible. Hart Family Chiropractic has decades of experience diagnosing workplace injuries and customizing care plans that can alleviate pain while healing injured muscles and joints. Our goal is to help you to return to pre-injury status and have you ready to return to work as soon as possible.

Remember, workplace pain isn’t just for heavy lifters!

Pain at Work

Luckily, chiropractic care can help all of the above!

To learn more about how a chiropractor can help get you back on the job, check out our About Chiropractic page for more information.

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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics


If you experience heel, knee, or lower back pain, there is a good chance the discomfort can be traced to to improper foot mechanics. An orthotic is a device designed to restore your natural foot function by re-aligning the foot and ankle bones to their neutral position. Correcting improper foot mechanics is crucial for overall health, as dysfunctional joints, muscles, or tendons within the feet can generate pain throughout the body.


A visit to Hart Family Chiropractic will give you insight as to what is actually causing your foot, hip, and back pain. If the doctors trace your discomfort to foot function, custom-made orthotics may be the solution.


Chiropractors care for the whole body and can determine how the use of orthotics can complement our care for your back, hip, knee or ankle problems. We also use specialized techniques on the feet to ensure that areas of restricted movement are released, which will have an effect on how your feet are functioning and will help your problem resolve better.

Why should I visit a chiropractor for orthotics? Can’t I buy orthotics at the store?


Foot Muscles & Tendons


Foot Muscles & Tendons


Foot Muscles & Tendons


Foot Muscles & Tendons

The foot is a complex system, and you can experience back, hip, knee, or ankle pain if this system does not maintain proper biomechanical function.

The orthotics that you’ll be fitted for at Hart Family Chiropractic differ significantly from the regular insoles you might find at your local Walgreens or CVS. Store-bought insoles are designed solely to provide foot cushioning and shock absorption. Though they may feel comfortable, insoles don’t address the root biomechanical causes of your foot, hip, and back pain. Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are designed to correct and optimize foot function. Custom fit orthotics help to even the distribution of weight throughout your body, taking pressure off sore spots (like the ball of the foot, corns between toes, bunions, etc.) and provide some shock absorption.

Learn more about chiropractic and its benefits on our About Chiropractic page.

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