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Ready to Up Your Nutrition Game? Here are 3 Easy Ways to do it!

Ready to Up Your Nutrition Game? Here are 3 Easy Ways to do it!

Eat one uncooked meal a day.


At first this may seem difficult, but this is a surefire way to add a lot of nutrition to your daily intake. What kinds of food are eaten raw? Fruits and vegetables. Whether this means that you eating some fruit for breakfast in the morning or a salad for dinner, you are sure to cut calories and add nutrition. If fruit is too boring for you, go “Euro” and add some organic yoghurt and oats on top for a fun and fulfilling flavor. So-so when it comes to salads? Try chopped salads that mix tons of flavor in every bite. Throwing some nuts and apple into your otherwise green salad can add taste and balance that will make you swoon for salads.


Here is a Mexican salad that will make any meat lover swoon.

Here is a Mexican salad that will make any meat lover swoon.



Crowd it out.


Let’s face it. Most of us will not quit eating grains all together or vow to never eat mashed potatoes again, but we can eat more of the good stuff and less of the…shall we say, nutritionally challenged foods that we so enjoy. This means that you can still eat the pasta that you love, but add more veggies so that the amount of green goodies go up and the empty carbs go down. If you add a salad to your dinner every night then there will be less room for meat and potatoes. Also, if you want to get “crazy,” try replacing some of your meats and starches with nutritious options. Walnut meat is a great option on pasta that will give you all of the amazing benefits of eating nuts everyday and cut the meat. Another crafty kitchen idea is to replace your mashed potatoes with cauliflower. It may sound crazy, but if you boil some cauliflower and throw it in the food processor with some butter and salt, you may never look a spud in the eye again.


Crowd Out Your Plate with Veggies



Pack your lunch.


I know, who has time for that kind of thing, right? There are always solutions. Making large batches of hummus or salad will leave you nutritious treats that can be packed and refashioned into new meals day after day. Many people make food on Sunday and on Wednesday, meaning that the lunch making task is limited to twice a week. This will save you money and calories and improve your nutrition and efficiency. Maybe with less time out of the office for lunch you will get to go home early! A little planning on the front end can pay off big time!


Bring Your Lunch and Cut the Calories and Afternoon Lull

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