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SLO Marathon + Half Runner’s Special

SLO Marathon Runner's Promo

SLO Marathon + Half Runner’s Special

Race Countdown

SLO Marathon Runner's Promo


he SLO Marathon + Half is quickly approaching- can you believe it’s that time of year already? I hope you’re having success with your training program; I know it’s a huge time commitment and serious physical and mental feat to prepare for the race. Because it’s so great to see so many community members committed to active living, Hart Family Chiropractic wants to show SLO Marathon + Half runners some love.

New patients can come to Hart Family Chiropractic with their race registration any time before April 26th to take advantage of our SLO Marathon + Half Runner’s Special. With the miles you’ve put in and all of the training runs yet to come, your musculoskeletal system could probably use some TLC.

Getting aligned and staying aligned allows your body to handle the hard pounding it takes when you run. For athletes at any level, a healthy spine and nervous system ensures that the body can function at full potential and that there are no blockages obstructing energy flow. If there’s one thing you don’t need when you’re running a marathon, it’s low energy!

If you want to give your body a treat as you ramp up until race day, call Hart Family Chiropractic. We’ll schedule you for a comprehensive runner’s exam that will fine-tune you for optimal race performance and correct any biomechanical issues you’re experiencing. We’ll even throw in gift bag including natural supplements to keep you energized and KT tape for medicine-free pain relief.

For $77, SLO Marathon + Half participants get:

Chiropractic consultation

Spinal exam

Computerized stress test


Report of Findings

Natural care race gift bag

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Is One Chiropractic Session Not Quite Enough For You?

For racers looking for optimum performance at the SLO Marathon + Half, check out our Peak Performance offer

SLO Marathon and Half Marathon Racer Chiropractic Promo Special
Darren Hart

Dr. Darren R. Hart was born and raised in Atascadero and received his education at Atascadero High School, Cal Poly, and Palmer College of Chiropractic. He was inspired to become a chiropractor after a life-saving chiropractic adjustment as a young child. He has been practicing in Atascadero for nearly 20 years. Through his gentle healing touch, Dr. Hart enjoys giving back to others what chiropractic gave to him.