Diabetes and Chiropractic: A Case Study


When most people think about treating diabetes, they think of insulin shots, finger pricks, and a medicine cabinet full of pills. Luckily, for those looking for a natural, drug-free option, there is another way. And as studies have repeatedly shown, the natural way can be very successful.

The link between chiropractors and the successful prevention and treatment of diabetes has gained national attention in recent years, with a number of studies showing the positive
effect of chiropractic care can have on patients suffering from the disease. Considering the staggering number of Americans who live with diabetes and the growing number of people searching for non-pharmaceutical remedies, the research linking chiropractic and treatment for the disease is a welcome addition to the diabetes discussion.

Want details about how chiropractic helps diabetics? Check out the case study below!

Chiropractic Care For A Diabetic 4-Year Old

stock-photo-21148896-young-girl-smiling-on-chiropractic-tableA four year old female was brought to a chiropractor by her parents with a pre-existing diagnosis of insulin-dependent type I diabetes. The patient’s family history included relatives with diabetes, though otherwise the patient’s mother reported that the 4-year old ate a very healthy diet, following the nutritional advice of the American Diabetes Association. At the time of her daughter’s diagnosis, before chiropractic care, the mother checked her daughter’s blood glucose levels an average of six times per day and  three to four times per night.

When the patient’s family brought her to the chiropractor, the four-year-old received chiropractic intervention that included the Gonstead technique (that’s the same technique used here at Hart Family Chiropractic). The young girl was seen a total of 24 times over approximately two months. Chiropractic care was the only intervention used during that time in addition to her subcutaneous insulin pump and continued healthy nutritional choices. During the course of treatment, the patient experienced a decrease in hemoglobin A1C, going from 7.2% to 6.5%. She also had a decrease in the amount of insulin used each day. She went from needing 15 units of insulin a day to 11 units. Intensive treatment of type I diabetes often does not succeed in achieving target A1C levels less than 7.0%.

Her mother reported that since starting chiropractic care, her daughter’s blood sugar levels had been under much better control. She stated chiropractic has allowed the blood sugar levels to stay within a normal range. After 12 weeks of care, the patient went out of town for 7 days on vacation. During those 7 days, she did not get adjusted. Her mother reported that she had to administer 16 units of insulin, because her blood sugar was very unstable. When the patient returned from vacation, her mother resumed chiropractic care and after three adjustments during that week control of the patient’s blood glucose levels was regained. This in turn stabilized the amount of insulin units administered per day.

The mother reported that the patient was sleeping better at night due to stable blood sugar levels. Her mother was also sleeping better as she no longer needed to wake her up in the middle of the night to check blood sugar levels as often. Her daughter now experienced blood sugar spikes so rarely that she seldom had to get up to urinate at night. The mother reported the patient was now able to enjoy a normal, active, and healthy lifestyle. The patient is still undergoing chiropractic care to help maintain stability of her blood sugar levels.

Those are impressive results, right? Interested in learning more about how chiropractic care can help treat and precent diabetes? This month Hart Family Chiropractic is offering FREE chiropractic consultations and computerized scans to anyone suffering from diabetes. Give us a call to schedule today!

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Jennifer Senette