Chiropractic Testimonials

No More Expensive Medications

"What a blessing it was to find Dr. Darren Hart. I found him in August, 2004. For many years I have suffered with my back, legs and my neck. Various medical doctors have diagnosed me with many things and have given me many expensive medications. Some gave me allergic reactions, some did nothing, and some did a little good.

When I first came to Dr. Hart, my husband told me I was just a few days away from a wheel chair. I could not go shopping; I could barely go up the four steps to our home. I also could not write very well as my hands jerked. I coughed a lot and had to take a lot of potent cough syrups.

Now after five months of Dr. Hart’s adjustments I can do all my own shopping, relieving my almost blind husband of that chore. I addressed all of our Christmas cards and wrote notes on all of them. I go up steps in great shape and no longer take cough syrup.

Now about Dr. Hart’s staff. Danielle is a very sweet and efficient lady and is always in control. Liv is also very nice and so is Gaby. In other words the staff is perfect. Now on Dr. Hart, there are not enough good words to explain him and I don’t want to embarrass him."

- Barbara W.

Car Accident Treatment

"My husband and I moved up to Paso Robles a few years ago and I was in need of a chiropractor due to lower back pain and neck pain. I regularly saw a chiropractor for years before moving here, and the experience was pretty good.

Having been in a car accident at the age of three, I had tried all kinds of alternatives to help with the pain in my body. I heard about Hart Family Chiropratic while eating at the Country Diner in San Miguel.

Dr. Darren helped me stand up straighter, get out of bed easier, and also minimized my falls. The adjustments have also helped me to do a lot more house work! Chiropractic has made life easier to cope with. It has made me feel so much better and if you are an accident survivor, it helps improve the movement in your body.

Thank you Dr. Darren!"

- Janice E.

HFC Helps An Olympian

"Having been an international athlete with two Olympic games and a gold, silver and bronze medal, my body really took a pounding over the years. I have always had lower backaches most of my life but thought it was because of all the abuse my body had taken because of jumping and running.

Since medication didn’t help I decided to try chiropractic. It has been a blessing!!! I cannot thank Dr. Hart enough for his healing hands, which have made my life so much better. Also, thank you to the friendly, helpful office staff.

Thank you so much, I will be back."

- Mary R.

Mary was the first woman ever to win a gold medal in Track and Field for Great Britain. In addition to a gold, silver and bronze medal in Olympic sports, Mary has achieved gold and silver medals in both the Commonwealth Games and European Games. She has won 13 WAA senior titles in international matches and competed in a total of 63 events- winning 38 of them. Mary also was a commentator for the BBC during the Olympics in Mexico City and Munich before coming to America.

Pain Free Exercise

"I have had chronic pain in my lower back. I had seen two other DC’s before I came to Hart Family Chiropractic, but never felt I was being “cared for” but just given treatment without rhyme or reason.

Since coming to Hart Family Chiropractic for about four months I began to notice that I could play golf and racquetball without either being in pain during or after the exercise. I have continued to enjoy life with increased mobility, less aches and pains, and the knowledge that I am truly cared for at Hart Family Chiropractic, not only by Dr. Hart personally, but also by his friendly, helpful, and concerned staff.

Regardless of any hesitation or concern that may have kept you from seeking Chiropractic help, I want to assure you that this place keeps everything (appointments, extra care, payments and your body) STRAIGHT.

Face it! You have nothing to lose but a crooked, stiff and poorly functioning skeleton and a “shorted out” nervous system. Maybe you need a little HART TO HEART."

- Richard M.

It Started With A Spinal Screening

"Six years ago my lower back and neck were injured when a horse reared up and rolled on top of me. Muscle relaxers and painkillers were given by my medical doctor for the back pain and headaches.

I took up swimming to strengthen my back, but the pain did not go away. I did not know how to live without pain. About 1 ½ years ago I had a complimentary “spinal screening” at Dr. Hart’s office. I agreed to get a check up and follow the treatment plan that Dr. Hart recommended.

The rest is history, as they say. I came to Dr. Hart’s office with a headache and left without it. No more painkillers, my reflexes have recovered, the allergies I had been experiencing are gone! Without headaches I am able to work in my elementary classroom and keep up with the kids, and these kids are active!

I am back to riding my wonderful horse “Bettina”, and as you can see my back has made a comeback. My family has since been introduced to chiropractic and see Dr. Hart on a regular basis."

- Elisabeth R.

Improved Mental Health

"Dr. Hart and I were thrown together because his office and Kennedy Club Fitness shared the same building in Atascadero. I would hurt and he would adjust. He told me that if I set up some sort of continued treatment on a scheduled basis, I could wean myself away from waiting until I was hurting to get an adjustment.

After starting out at five times a week, I immediately found myself feeling better, overall. I was filled with a euphoric feeling of joy, continually. We weren’t giving my body any time to develop pain from the subluxations. Soon we dropped the adjustments to several times a week, and, after a few months of that, I began to feel as if I had never had any back problems, at all.

After a very physical weekend for me, as I lay on the table for my Monday adjustment, Dr. Hart checked my spine. “I’m sorry,” he said, beaming. “You don’t have any subluxations to adjust. You’re clear.”

I know I will need maintenance adjustment, from time to time, throughout my life. It is important to make sure the energy forces are reaching all parts of my body. I can’t thank Dr. Hart enough for explaining the healing process in the right way, leading to my breakthrough."

- John J.

Immediate Impact

"Last year my back was so painful that I could not stand for more than one half hour without sitting down.

My daughter and I were at the Mid State Fair. I could not walk around the fair with her because the pain was too much for me to handle. We saw Liv in the booth at the fair; she gave me a scan and recommended an exam. I was quite amazed as to what damage could be seen on my back on the X-ray.

I had never been seen by a Chiropractor and I was very surprised how regular I have become. The change happened immediately after my first adjustment. Had it not been for having my spine adjusted I could not have been able to work on my feet for sixteen hours last summer.

Going to Hart Family Chiropractic was the best investment I have ever made. Dr. Hart’s experience and skills are enough of a value that I would trust my future for my family and myself."

- Joel A.

Goodbye Aches And Pains

"I was first introduced to Hart Family Chiropractic at the Mid State Fair in August 2004. I made an appointment to get my spine checked in the office. Dr. Hart did a extensive exam and let me know that my spine was not in line! I was walking awkwardly and had become a very sedentary lady.

Now I never ache with pain, must be I am more aligned!

Thank you, Dr. Hart."

- JoAnn J.

Good As New

"After a three year back injury my pain was getting worse. So I finally decided to give Dr. Hart a try. My last Chiropractor moved out of the state and I was hesitant to start over. But my pain was now causing head aches and leg aches.

With only a few visits to Dr. Hart I’m feeling like my old self again."

- Shirley E.

A Patient Gets Her Life Back

"Approximately one month ago I was not functioning as a true human being. But I had watched my husband go from being in a chair for months until going to see Dr. Hart on a regular basis. Now my husband is doing things not even a man 20 years old can do!

My husband insisted that I at least talk to Dr. Darren Hart to see if he could do anything for me, so we arranged for me to go in for a consultation. That began the road to my getting my life back. I can walk again, and I can concentrate again. I walk our dog down the canyon on a trail my husband made with a “pick and shovel,” which goes around our property about a ½ mile or more. I even have hope of getting off my prescribed meds in the future.

I truly feel chiropractic has given me a new lease on life and hope that even though I am 60 years old that I will play golf again soon.

Thank you Dr. Darren Hart. You are a very special person and I know you care tremendously about your patients!!"

- Paulette S.

Restoring The Balance

"Laurene and I thank you for all that you have done to improve the quality of our lives through Chiropractic. Laurene’s migraines no longer exist and my lower back is pain-free, something I have not enjoyed since my early youth.

We both are forever grateful for the opportunity to experience the holistic approach to our well-being. Your knowledge and experience, coupled with a calm, genuine concern for our health clearly captured our hearts. Additionally, your professional staff enhanced our positive experience. It was an extreme pleasure to walk into your office and be greeted with a warm smile, a hello and to be welcomed by name every time we visited. Kudos to Liv and Danielle! Our relationship is more than just professional. We have great respect for you all and consider you our friends.

On our journey through life we can look back and recall defining moments that changed our course to the future and individuals who influenced those changes. For Laurene and I you and your team were instrumental in educating our minds and healing our bodies in away we had not imagined. Although our experience was not as dramatic as those we read about in “Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul,” the results are the same. You have put “balance” back into our lives and eased the pain that tormented our bodies. Because of you we are true believers in the power of the body healing itself.

If you ever have anyone who is “on the fence” regarding chiropractic care, please have them contact us so we may firsthand share our positive chiropractic experience."

- John and Laurene

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