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About Hart Family Chiropractic

Dr. Darren Hart is an Atascadero chiropractor who founded Hart Family Chiropractic in 1994 with the goal of promoting total mind-body health for central coast residents. Today, Hart Family Chiropractic offers natural, non-invasive chiropractic care for all ages in the Atascadero area.


Along with quality chiropractic care, Hart Family Chiropractic actively promotes the principles of healthy living and wellness. We look forward to helping you with your questions dealing with nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, and lifestyle habits, and we work with you to discover choices and habits that will improve the health of you and your family.


We believe that the human body does not require prescription medications to treat its ailments. The body is a powerful and dynamic organism, and chiropractic care combined with exercise and good nutrition can free the body to realize it’s true health potential.

Our Mission

We strive to provide high quality chiropractic care in a loving, nurturing environment. Through helping patients maintain spinal alignment, we help them restore balance and increase the expression of life, health, and energy in the body. We aim to educate the people we serve, leading them to greater growth of, participation in, and responsibility for their healing. 

Meet The Team

Dr. Darren Hart

Darren Hart

Founder, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Darren R. Hart was born and raised in Atascadero and received his education at Atascadero High School, Cal Poly, and Palmer College of Chiropractic.


He was inspired to become a chiropractor after a life-saving chiropractic adjustment as a young child. He has been practicing in Atascadero for nearly 20 years. Through his gentle healing touch, Dr. Hart enjoys giving back to others what chiropractic gave to him.

Dr. Mark Matildi of Hart Family Chiropractic

Mark Metildi

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Mark has 24 years of experience in chiropractic. He has a wide range of experiences in the profession, from sports injuries to holistic care and gentle adjustments of people through all stages of life, from children to the elderly.


Dr. Mark developed an interest in natural healing after experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care first hand. He had a significant sports related injury while in college studying biology. He tried chiropractic and the rest is history! He had such great results he decided to become a chiropractor.

Danielle Zemaitis of Hart Family Chiropractic

Danielle Zemaitis

Chiropractic Assistant

Danielle is a native to our beautiful central coast. Born and raised in the north county, her family has deep roots in the community. Danielle came to Hart Family Chiropractic in 2002 and decided to plant some roots of her own. Two beautiful daughters later, Danielle is invested in the alternative/natural health care field. Dr. Hart had a very important role as her chiropractic doctor during both pregnancies and as a part of her birth team. As a working mom, Danielle always finds time to spread the good word of chiropractic.

Global Adjustments

Dr. Darren makes it a point when he travels to find opportunities to give back to the communities he visits. He does this by introducing others to the health benefits of chiropractic, and has delivered over a hundred chiropractic adjustments to adults and children alike. He loves the reactions he sees as individuals experience unobstructed nerve energy flow the first time.


For Dr. Darren, it is an honor to share the gift of chiropractic around the world. Whether at a Cambodian orphanage, a sports club in Nicaragua, or a Mexican village, Dr. Darren introduces others to life at a higher level through a fully functioning nervous system. Take a look at some of the photos from his global adjustments below!