Dr. Hart Goes to Nicaragua: A Global Adjustment


Chiropractor Atascadero CA Dr. Darren Hart Global Adjustment - Nicaragua

If you’re a patient of Hart Family Chiropractic, you know that Dr. Hart has a gift when it comes to healing ailments of all kinds through chiropractic care. What you might not know is that Dr. Hart himself was cured of chronic ear infections as a child through chiropractic care, setting him off on a career path that is an absolute natural fit. After a chance meeting with a friend guided his family to a chiropractor, Dr. Hart was relieved from debilitating allergies, colic, and ear infections that plagued his first three years of childhood with pain. As it turned out, his mother’s forceps delivery had created a serious subluxation in the atlas, causing the unbearable pain and struggle her child was experiencing. Dr. Hart’s first chiropractic adjustment created immediate relief and for his parents, seeing him play with abandon like never before created a family that would go on to advocate chiropractic care.

Because of his personal experience of the far reaching benefits of chiropractic care, Dr. Hart enjoys spreading his love of chiropractic all over the world. Whenever he travels, Dr. Hart makes it a point to provide adjustments for people who otherwise would likely never have one.

In trips to Mexico and Cambodia, Dr. Hart adjusted dozens of children at orphanages who suffered from lifetime musculoskeletal issues. On his most recent “global adjustment” trip, Dr. Hart visited Big Corn Island in Nicaragua. The chiropractic care he provided on the island was particularly rewarding to Dr. Hart, as he was able to stay in the community for several days after providing adjustments. Sticking around on the island and befriending those he served allowed Dr. Hart to hear feedback from adjustment recipients first-hand. And what he heard echoed his own experience of life-changing chiropractic care many years before.

The friend Dr. Hart had come to Nicaragua to visit played in an island-wide volleyball league, which made it easy for Dr. Hart to come to games and training sessions and integrate into the local athletic community. Dr. Hart connected with a the local spa to borrow a massage table to make adjustments on, and then set out offering chiropractic adjustments to athletes of all ages in the volleyball league. Countless players took him up on the offer and were amazed by the results. As rumors of court-side chiropractic care quickly began making their way around the community, people from all over the island started showing up to the volleyball courts to meet the “Miracle Doctor.”

As Dr. Hart said at the time, “It is absolutely amazing and beautiful how open the people here are to chiropractic care. They just seem to understand the healing potential and are coming out for ailments of all types. From shoulder strains to digestive issues, the community believes in natural healing and it is so cool!”

For Dr. Hart, of the most touching experiences on Big Corn Island was providing chiropractic care to a man named Sheppy. Sheppy is a taxi driver and a huge fan of the sports teams on the island. He had heard the rumors about an American chiropractor doing amazing work on the island, but he had been unable to attend any of the volleyball games where Dr. Hart had his adjustment table set up. After asking around the island, Sheppy finally got ahold of Dr. Hart late the night before Dr. Hart was scheduled to leave. Knowing that Sheppy had tried so hard to track him down, of course Dr. Hart set up the adjustment table in the small room he was renting.

Sheppy had suffered a shoulder injury years ago and had not been able to ride his bike for years as a result. The relief that even the most basic chiropractic adjustment provided Sheppy was immediate, and Sheppy let out an enthusiastic yell upon getting up from the adjusting table. The next day he made a point to ride his bike by Dr. Hart’s rental room with a smile from ear to ear shouting, “Look, I am riding my bike!”

Chiropractic care was such a hit on Big Corn Island that the top medical doctor on the island sought Dr. Hart out to tell him that the next time he comes back to the island that he could set up shop for a week in the local doctor’s office. The local doctor would then let his patients who need it most know that they can come in to see the American chiropractor and turn on their life force!

Dr. Hart loves to travel, and one of the things he loves most of all about his adventures are the people he meets along the way. Having the opportunity introduce communities to chiropractic care is an amazing opportunity that Dr. Hart never takes for granted, and his Nicaragua trip was one that Dr. Hart will never forget. Judging from the enthusiasm surrounding his visit, it doesn’t look like the people of Big Corn Island will forget him either.

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